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You can usually find Damien Harris in Barcelona, getting his customers geared up for the drive of their lives. But managing his online bookings was really slowing him down.

GoCar Barcelona offers an exciting one-of-a-kind experience for tourists and locals alike; cruising around Barcelona in a funky little talking car with the wind in your hair. Sometimes this is combined with other fun activities, such as a trip on a cataraman, segways or a Tapas meal.

But Damien was getting frustrated with his online booking system – it was causing more problems than it solved!

“It was difficult to update information and prices, and the booking system didn’t accept credit card or PayPal payments online.”

It was an overly complicated booking process for both his customers and himself.

“Online bookings are essential, and our booking system was controlled by the master franchiser in the USA. We didn’t have access or control. On top of that, we also paid $2 per transaction.”

He knew that unless he made a change, his booking system would hold his business back.

“If I kept going with my current system, I would lose revenue and spend too much time on unnecessary manual work.”

In his search for the best tour operator website design builder, Damien considered custom-developed solutions, but found they were way too expensive to set up and maintain.

“Managing this kind of IT internally would be a nightmare! I believe it’s better to focus on your core business.”

That’s when he decided to take a free trial of Rezdy – and he liked what he saw. It solved his previous frustrations well.

“Not only can I adapt prices and information quickly, but my cash flow has improved because our tours are prepaid. I also like the reporting of sales each day – I set it so it automatically emails all staff the moment a booking is a made. And Rezdy’s support team is quick to respond and find solutions, if I need some help.”

Now, customers can see the most up-to-date information and pay for their reservation within minutes, all through GoCar Barcelona’s website.

Rezdy has provided GoCar Barcelona with an easy way to accept and manage online bookings. As a result, Damien started to get more customers simply because the experience of booking online is better – for the customer and for GoCar.

“Rezdy is easy to use, it allows me to update information on my booking site instantly, and it’s a very affordable monthly fee. Since deploying Rezdy we’ve seen a 20% jump in online bookings.”

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