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Booking website builder

Set up your booking website with one click

Simply plug and play

Setting up your website is as easy as filling out a form.

Deliver first class user experience

Rest assured the one-click website employs an array of design and user experience principles to ensure your website looks great and performs.

Focus on your brand

Make your website stand out by changing only what matters: colours, logo and imagery. Customize our tour booking website template to reflect your branding and leave the rest to us.

Secure your website

Enjoy a secure website that protects you and your customers, with payment gateway options that surpass industry security standards.

Optimised for performance

With Rezdy’s one-click website builder, your website is automatically optimised for SEO helping to improve your websites rank. And with a responsive design, the one-click website will work seamlessly wherever your customers are, on their mobile device, tablet or desktop.

How Rezdy's one click website works

Choose your tour product

Select which tour products you would like to be featured on your website’s homepage.

Choose your theme

Integrate branding and ensure a seamless user experience by choosing your website’s theme.

Add Google and other integrations

Incorporate Google Analytics and ownership verification to enable smoother website management.

Add optimized copy

Provide compelling copy for your website’s banner headline, welcome text, title tags and product descriptions.

Add a booking widget

Every travel business and tour agency website needs a ‘book now button.’ Create a seamless booking experience with an integrated booking widget by selecting its layout, colours and functions. No coding required.

Start building your website

After finalizing your design, your website is now live! Time to sit back, relax and watch as your booking software effortlessly accepts and manages your new website bookings.

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Can Rezdy help your tour business?

The answer is yes if you...

  • Want a reservation management tool not a lead generation service
  • Offer tour, activity or attraction-based experiences (not accommodation)
  • Use one of our wide list of payment gateway partners
  • Have a reliable internet connection (our software is cloud-based)
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One click website FAQs

  • What should I include on my booking website?

    While no two websites look the same, there are some commonalities found amongst the most successful booking websites. To increase engagement, your website should incorporate:

    • Persuasive copy
    • Appealing, high definition images
    • A user-friendly layout and selection system
    • A book now widget that enables real-time bookings
    • A speedy user interface
    • Detailed breakdown of prices
    • Payment options

    Our one click builder gives you access to an optimized tour booking website template that includes detailed recommendations for the layout and content of your website.

  • Do I need programming experience to build my website?

    With Rezdy’s one-click booking website builder, anybody can design professional websites, regardless of whether they’re an expert programmer or reluctantly struggle with all things digital.

  • Can I customise the website code after building the site?

    Definitely! Our booking website builder accounts for the fact that the best websites are ones that are continuously optimized.

    Customization is simple. By entering the back-end of your website, you can update or customize your tours and travels website following its publication with just a few clicks. Uploading new pictures and changing product descriptions has never been easier.

  • What web integrations do you support?

    Our booking website builder supports a range of industry leading third party integrations. Explore our full list of third party integrations to find out more about our options.

  • How much does it cost to build a booking website?

    There is no fixed price for building a booking website. Costs are ultimately determined by a range of factors, including which third party integrations you choose. See our pricing for more information.

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