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Make more with gift cards & promo codes

72% of consumers spend more than the total value of the gift card, so you’ll be sure to sell more tours. With promo codes, you can fill up those spots with last-minute bookings and maximize your bookings per tour.


Don’t miss out on this growing market

35% – this number has been growing every year – of Rezdy customers sold gift cards last year. That’s because gift cards are now the #1 requested gift over the holidays. And when the market for gift-cards is expected to grow 10% annually, you don’t want to be left behind.

Customize what matters

Choose from dozens of templates. Don’t worry, the designs were created to stand out & sell out. They’re also mobile responsive. Customize the colors and the logo to suit your brand and leave the rest to us.

It’s easy

Rezdy manages everything automatically and lets you keep track of all your promo-codes and gift cards in one place. Setting up takes only a couple of minutes, and if you need help, we’ve got plenty of resources here.

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